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Whistleblower Protection

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”  --George Orwell



Without laws to protect whistle-blowers our national and international culture of corruption will continue to escalate, pillaging economic systems, destabilizing governments, and destroying our environment.  Corruption and fraud is, by it very nature, clandestine. Whistle-blowers are individuals willing to come forward and expose crime and misconduct.  Due to the absence of effective and efficient protection, whistle-blowers are all to often intimidated into silence and punished by retaliation.

Nancy Swan's experience as a judicial whistle blower brings a new perspective to this dark and all too often buried problem. Those compelled to expose unethical and illegal wrongs of court officials, lawyers, and judges, face a long and lonely battle at the mercy of those who are entrusted with protection of constitutional rights and who use their power and authority to silence and punish whistleblowers.

The promises of U. S. Lawmakers and President Obama to curb public and privat corruption is meaningless unless they also enact effective whistleblower protection that is both sufficiently funded and uniformly enforced.

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