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posted Oct 29, 2009, 2:59 PM by Nancy Swan   [ updated Nov 10, 2009, 9:22 PM by Thomas Swan ]
I hope that you will find my website informative and inspirational.  Additional information and links will be added as I build my site, so be sure to visit frequently.  Today's post included information about NFOJA, an organization committed to reforming our judicial system, from exposing shortcomings to encouraging positive changes in our courts.  Please consider joining and participating in local meetings in your area.

No change is possible without informed and emboldened public support. My ultimate goal is to inspire readers to help chart the path of their government.  Unfortunately so many adults whose voices need to be heard, feel that their government is not listening.  Victims of unsafe schools, judicial misconduct, and the failure to protect whistle-blowers often fall into the abyss of despair.  The bad news is that when that happened to me, there were no websites and little information to help me on my journey to fight against the perpetrators.

The good news is - now there is help. Join me and the dozens of organizations and individuals dedicated to learning, sharing, reaching out to help others and giving our lawmakers a reason for change.  The National Forum on Judicial Accountability is one of those.