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US Supreme Court to decide on hearing convicted former Mississippi attorney Paul Minor's appeal

posted Oct 1, 2010, 9:45 AM by Nancy Swan   [ updated Oct 1, 2010, 4:39 PM by Thomas Swan ]
Minor should have his appeal denied.  "US Supreme Court to decide on hearing convicted former Mississippi attorney Paul Minor's appeal" (Biloxi Mississippi Sun Herald)

Paul Minor and his associate Judy Guice were the former lawyers in my toxic tort case and the judge Minor was convicted by a jury of bribing was my judge, Mississippi Harrison County Circuit Court. Judge John Whitfield.

Standing in Judge Whitfield's courtroom, Paul Minor revealed that my previous judge, Circuit Court Judge Jerry O. Terry had been "bribed twice" to stall my case by sending it two times to Mississippi Supreme Court.  I was fortunate to have that information recorded.

I was an unnamed victim of the bribery scheme between Minor and Whitfield.  Minor told me that he could "get" Judge Whitfield to rule against me if I did not do what he (Minor) "advised" me to do.  I refused.  It was my information that launched the federal investigation that indicted Justice Oliver Diaz then convicted half a dozen high profile lawyers and a number of judges in Mississippi, including Minor and Whitfield who are serving eleven year sentences in federal prison.  

I attended Minor's trial. Information from the Court transcripts, hundreds of news stories, and the my records are convincing that Minor bribed Judge Whitfield.   Minor paid off almost $150,000 in loans he guaranteed for Judge Whitfield while hearing Minor's cases.  To hid his payments, Minor used third parties, secretaries, and cash to pay off Whitfield's loans.  Judge Whitfield, married, used the money from Minor as a down payment on a house for his mistress.

If the US Supreme Court overturns the bribery convictions, the US Constitution will be rendered worthless to those of us who cannot afford the high price of US "justice."

To prevent this from happening to anyone else, I wrote Toxic Justice which I hope will soon be represented by an agent and publisher.  Toxic Justice