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Please join Facebook Cause: End Toxic Justice

posted Mar 30, 2011, 9:56 AM by Nancy Swan   [ updated Mar 31, 2011, 9:44 PM by Thomas Swan ]
Please join my Facebook Cause: End Toxic Justice to show your support for positions that we can work together to change, that have caused worldwide legal and judicial systems to become toxic.  Joining End Toxic Justice will show support for the book Toxic Justice: An injured teacher's true story about her epic fight for justice. 

Toxic Justice is my memoir, the story of my severe and permanent injury while teaching at Long Beach Schools in Mississippi. Components of the spray on foam roof methyl isocyanate, the same chemical that killed and injured half a million people in Bhopal India nine months earlier. Toxic Justice tells of my injury and my fight for justice for the injured children. My human and civil rights were violated by corrupt judges and criminal acts of lawyers. Although both are in prison, they have never been sanction by MS bar or judicial commissions. I am a speaker and activist for enforcement of existing regulations and to include required recusal of judges who will benefit or have been promised benefit for judicial decisions.


  1. End campaign contributions to fund of judicial campaigns
  2. Uphold Codes of Judicial Conduct which forbids exparte meetings (meetings where one or more parties in a suit or hearing are excluded)
  3. Judges who do not recuse (step down) from a case if they or will received any money, perk, advantage, other gifts from parties in a case.