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My former attorney Paul Minor and my former Judge John Whitfield to re-argue innocence in appeals court, prosecutors say bribery is basis of convictions

posted Jan 18, 2011, 5:10 PM by Nancy Swan   [ updated Jan 18, 2011, 5:58 PM by Thomas Swan ]
"Time has only hardened the positions of former Biloxi attorney Paul Minor, who has always insisted he was wrongfully convicted of judicial bribery, and the U.S. Justice Department prosecutors who argue Minor and two Coast judges should remain in prison. . ." Read more: Biloxi Mississippi Sun Herald

According to US Judge Wingate's secretary, the meeting referred to in this article will not take place on January 20, 2011.  The meeting has been postponed and the date not rescheduled.

My former attorney Paul Minor and former judge John Whitfield are the story of Toxic Justice.  Hopefully US Federal Judge Henry Wingate will not reduce their sentences. 

Both Minor and Whitfield made threats to harm me and my family if I exposed their crime and misconduct.  The threats remain sealed in my case record in Harrison County Circuit Court. (Swan v Carboline) 

Both men contend that what they did was not wrong.  That translates that they would repeat their actions of fraud and bribery.  I do not want their sentences reduced. 

Perhaps it is time for the US Dept. of Justice to let the court know that they have had proof that there were other cases of bribery committed by Paul Minor and Judge Whitfield, including my case and at least 2 dozen others.  

Although both men have been in prison for judicial bribery, neither have been sanctioned by the Mississippi Bar for violation of the Mississippi Rules of Professional Conduct, ethical code for state lawyers.   The Mississippi Supreme Court will decide if they should be disbarred.