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Justice for Sale. Is Paul Minor buying, again?

posted Feb 6, 2010, 9:31 AM by Nancy Swan   [ updated Feb 6, 2010, 10:11 AM by Thomas Swan ]
The link the article below is about Mississippi attorney Paul Minor and former Harrison County Circuit Court Judge John Whitfield appeals to get out of prison.   Both were sentenced to ten years in a federal prison for bribery.  Now with the  U.S. Supreme Courts recent decision that money equals free speech they have a chance to win their appeal and get out of federal prison. 

Just days before my trial was to begin, Minor and his former law partner Biloxi attorney Judy Guicebegan acting suspicious then refused to account for over $200,000 in missing settlement funds.   Suspecting fraud, I audio taped Judy Guice admission that she had met with Judge Whitfield in an exparte meeting to convince him grant her request to withdraw as my attorney. Exparte is a legal term for secret meetings with a judge and are forbidden as a violation of civil rights.  Guice admitted on tape that she knew her actions would prejudice my case.

In 2000 Paul Minor threatened that if I did not withdraw my demand for an accounting of the missing money, he would get Judge Whitfield to dismiss my case.   I audiotaped Minor reminding me that my judge had already been bribed twice to throw my case into state Supreme Court. 

I suspected, but did not know at that time, that Minor had been secretly giving Judge Whitfield  over a hundred thousand dollars in cash during this time.  In 2007, both Minor and Whitfield were convicted of bribery by a jury. One wonders why the U. S. Department of Justice did not use my case, especially since I found and exposed the information that sparked the investigation. Toxic Justice is the rest of the story.

Can money and influence buy more justice for Paul Minor and Judge Whitfield? We will see.
But just in case, if you're intent on doing the crime and don't want to do the time, start by funding a judge.  Just remember to call the bribe a "campaign contribution."